26 February 2021

Work cited:

Eilber, Janet. “Cave of the Heart: Noguchi’s Set for the Graham Ballet.” YouTube,  Library of Congress, 16 Aug. 2016, www.youtu.be/aF5zsIP8XbA.


This video is a recorded presentation of a lecture by Janet Eilber, a former dancer in the Graham Company, on the collaboration between sculptor Isamu Noguchi and choreographer Martha Graham on the dance piece Cave of the Heart which premiered in 1946 at Columbia University. The lecturer includes descriptions of Graham and Noguchi’s collaborative working relationship along with archival footage of dance itself.  Eilber dedicates a portion of the lecture to explaining Graham’s distinctive artistic approach and the fundamental physical aspects of her technique. Several original costume and scenic elements, including five fake stones, are exhibited. Because she danced in the pieces herself, Eilber is able to explain with confidence and authority how the pieces were used by the dancers. During the question and answer period of the lecture, issues regarding legacy and preservation of scenic and costume items are discussed.

How does this relate to scenography?

This lecturer is specifically about scenic and costume design and how it relates to dance choreography. 

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